Investing with Betterment: Safe & Sound

By: Garrett S.  @LetsTouchBaseWP Hope you all had a fantastic start to your week, I know I did due to the 50%+ increase in Litecoin valuation today.  Last week I "touched base" (see what I did there) on the risky but potentially rewarding concept of investing into cryptocurrency.  Today I wanted to discuss a more… Continue reading Investing with Betterment: Safe & Sound


Investing in Cryptocurrency: Ultimate Risk vs Reward

Ahhhhh... the man of the hour, Cryptocurrency, and more specifically it's most craved product known as Bitcoin.  I have been following Bitcoin and it's partners Litecoin and Ethereum for a little over a year now.  However, I view them in a totally different light than when I simply used them as a medium of exchange through… Continue reading Investing in Cryptocurrency: Ultimate Risk vs Reward